FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS[10/10, 09:57] : FAQ 1 What makes S•Y•R different from other WM partners? Our full-service revenue management out-performs, out-analyzes, and out-hustles any other solution you’ve ever worked with. When you join, you gain access to our in-house knowledge and the tried-and-tested principles of our partners. We believe in providing the best ad technology, but we also have a commitment to continuing education and helping our members grow. First and foremost, our priority is the person behind the website. Every test, every innovation, and every product is focused around the person operating the website we service. With much experience in digital advertising, we build the most cutting edge technology that exists today. [10/10, 10:04] : FAQ on wm What restrictions do you have about who we can work with, particularly with respect to other marketing groups that work on networking and paid posting opportunities? We have no restrictions on your paid posting from marketing groups or advertisers. We only manage your display advertising. So if brands want to buy advertising on just your site, we will negotiate on your behalf and put them in your waterfall. [10/10, 10:06] : FAQ on wm Do I have control over how many ads run on my site and where those ads will be optimally placed? Yes you do**. We make suggestions based on what we’ve seen perform well on other sites, but you have final control of your site. At the end of the day, you own your site. During the onboarding process, you’ll have a phone call or email questionnaire asking what your goals are for monetizing your site. We’ll set up your site based on your goals. [10/10, 10:13] : FAQ on fm How many Facebook account can I monetize ? You can monetize as much as possible if you are able to manage all; but different facebook username and email should be applied. kindly hold on "one account per user" [10/10, 10:20] : FAQ ON FM Can I post after the time interval selected? No, our reaction server extracts your own personal likes regarding the time interval selected.